This Weeks Menu

Tues:  Lunch ~ Qualcomm
Wed: Dinner ~ dailypint
Thurs: Dinner ~ LoneRider Brewery

(Supplies & Items are Subject to Change)

STEVE-O Hero – $8.00
Signature meatballs in a rich marinara topped with mozzarella
& parmesan cheese  served on garlic bread.
The best meatballs on four wheels!

Brioche Chipotle Bean Burger – $9.00
Black bean chipotle burger with grilled peppers & onions melted mozzarella cheese on a brioche bun with a side of Roasted Pineapple & Habanero Sauce.

Rudie Can’t Fail Hero– $9.00
Breaded & fried chicken cutlet layered with pepperoni melted mozzarella topped with marinara & parmesan cheese on garlic bread

Snacks & Sides

Pale Ale POPPERS – $6.00
4 Pulled Pork & Cheese Stuff jalapeno peppers that are dipped in a
Local IPA beer. batter then Fried and served with Ranch or Chili Thai.
“A Kicking Spice!”

DA FRANKIES Ravioli – $5.00
6- Three cheese filled breaded & Fried Ravioli
Served with side of Da Sauce. Mama Mia!

PESTO TOTS – $4.00
Crispy Taters spun in bright pesto with fresh parmesan

BeeRINGS – $4.00
Tasty Rings cooked in all the right ways

Srircha CRINKLE FRIES – $4.00
Crinkle cut fries. So much flavor & attitude, they need a slap!

Drinks – $1.00
Diet Coke
Sanpellegrino’s Sparkling Lemon Italian Soda