GIZMO May 6th Menu

Find Us Saturday May 6th At Gizmo Beer Works from 12-7pm

STEVE-O Hero – $8.00 Signature meatballs in a rich marinara topped with Mozzarella & Parmesan Cheese served on garlic bread. We feel it’s The best meatball sub on four wheels!

Eggplant Parmesan – $7.00
Tender Breaded & Fried Slices of Egg Plant, Topped with Mozzarella & Romano cheese then covered in our wonderful rich marinara on garlic bread

Italian Beef Brisket Hero – $8.00
Cooked for 9 hours with onions, beer & special
seasonings. Topped with Mozzarella & Parmigiano-Reggiano
served on grilled garlic bread Plus a side of AuJus “Slow & Low It’s Da Way To Go!”

Snacks & Sides

Pale Ale POPPERS – $6.00
4-5 Pulled Pork & Cheese Stuff jalapeno peppers that are dipped in a
Local IPA beer. batter then Fried and served with Ranch or Chili Thai.
“A Kicking Spice!”

6 Mozzarella sticks with Da Sauce, cuz my brother “Frankie” eats anything fried.

Shrimp Basket – $6.00
4 jumbo butterflied shrimp deep-fried to golden perfection with a side of small fries and sweet chili sauce for dipping

They’re Pretty, pretty, pretty good!


PESTO TOTS – $4.00
Crispy Taters spun in bright pesto with fresh parmesan

CRINKLE FRIES – $2.00 (Make Them Sriracha Style add $2)
Crinkle cut fries. So much flavor & attitude, they need a slap!

Kids Chicken Nugget w/small Fry – $5.00

Brooklyn’s Best Cannoli (Large & Small Shells) $3 & $1
$2 Tiramisu cup

Drinks $1