Rotational MENU


*These are our ROTATIONAL offerings
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STEVE-O Hero – $10.00 {Daily while supplies Last}
Signature meatballs in a rich marinara topped with Mozzarella & Parmesan Cheese  served on garlic bread.
We feel it’s The best meatballs on four wheels!

SUPA SAL Hero– $10.00 {Rotating}
Sausage, pepper, onions and mozzarella cheese covered in tomato sauce served on garlic bread. “Dad could not have made it any better!”

LINDY MELT – $9.00 {Seasonal}
A blend of provolone, blue, and aged cheddar cheese grilled to perfection with garlic herb butter. On Local Artisan La Farm Bakery bread.
(add bacon or grilled zucchini for Only $1.00 more)

The “BAD HENNY” Hero – $12.00 {Rotating}
Beer Brined Grilled Chicken, Topped with Bacon, Sharp Cheddar then Slathered in our (Big Boss Brewery) “Bad Penny” Zesty Sweet & Heat Brown Ale Onion Reduction Glaze. “Put that Bird in Jail”

Eggplant Parmesan – $10.00 {Rotating}
Tender Breaded & Fried Slices of Egg Plant, Topped with Mozzarella & Romano cheese then covered in our wonderful rich marinara “A Great Vegetarian Option.”

Aunt Clara’s Gagootz – $12.00 {Rotating}
Grilled Chicken & Zucchini with Fresh Mozzarella Cheese Roasted Red Peppers Topped with a Balsamic Glaze & Romano Cheese on Garlic Bread

Christina’s Cranberry Chicken Salad – $10.00 
{Seasonal Spring/Summer}
 Tender Chicken, Craisins, Celery & Fresh Romaine Lettuce
on a Buttery Croissant w/ Chips and a Pickle
“It Rules Da Roost!”

Z-Capri Hero – $12.00 {Rotating}
Grilled Seasoned Fresh Zucchini, Fresh Mozzarella Topped with House Made Bruschetta on our eight inch garlic bread.

Aunt Phyllis Philly – $11.00 {Rotating}
Thin Sliced Rib eye steak that’s seasoned, pepper, and onions,mozzarella cheese, on garlic bread.”That Aunt will take good care of ya!”

Italian Beef Brisket Hero  – $12.00 {Rotating}
Cooked for 9 Plus hours with onions, beer & special
seasonings. Topped with Mozzarella & Parmigiano-Reggiano
served on grilled garlic bread
“Slow & Low It’s Da Way To Go!”

Karen’s Shrimp Parm Hero – $12.00 {Daily}
Breaded and fried Butterfly Jumbo Shrimp with melted mozzarella and our marinara topped with parmesan cheese on our eight inch garlic bread.

Portobello Supremo Hero– $10.00 {Seasonal}
Robustly Seasoned Sliced Mushroom Caps with Pepper, Onions, Melted Smoked Provolone cheese, on a Ciabatta. “You’d Swear It Was Steak!”

The “NO BULL” Hero – $12.00 {Rotating}
Brown Sugar Bourbon Seasoned Pork Tenderloin, Sliced to perfection with Bacon, Mozzarella Topped with our Cider/Apple Butter  Reduction Glaze on garlic bread.

Classic Chicken Parm Hero – $10.00 {Rotating}
Tender Breaded and Fried Chicken with Layered of Mozzarella, Marinara Topped with Parmesan cheese on garlic bread.

STOUT Standing Skirt Steak Hero – $12.00 {Rotating}
Dry Rubbed Seasoned Seared Flank Steak “Sliced & Diced” to perfection. Topped with Mozzarella and our Duck Rabbit Milk Stout Honey Rosemary Sauce on garlic bread.

Hawaiian Black Bean Chipotle Burger – $10.00 {Rotating}
Grilled chipotle bean burger topped with melted mozzarella, a pineapple ring and soy glaze on a grilled bun.

SIDES: (items are subject to change)

Pale Ale POPPERS – $6.00
4 Pulled Pork & Cheese Stuff jalapeno peppers that are dipped in a
Local IPA beer. batter then Fried and served with Ranch or Chili Thai.
“A Kicking Spice!”

Mozz Stix – $5.00
6 Mozzarella sticks with Da Sauce.

DA FRANKIES Ravioli – $5.00
6- Three cheese filled breaded & Fried Ravioli
Served with side of Da Sauce. “Cuz Frankie eats anything fried”

RONI ROLLS – $5.00
Made with pepperoni and three cheeses baked in pizza dough.
Served as Three slices with Da Sauce. Mama Mia!

They’re Pretty, pretty, pretty good!

PESTO TOTS – $5.00
Crispy Taters spun in bright pesto with fresh parmesan

CRINKLE FRIES – $3.00 (Make Them Sriracha Style add $2)
Crinkle cut fries. So much flavor & attitude, they need a slap!

 DESSERTS {Seasonal}
Brooklyn’s Best Cannoli (Large & Small Shells)
3-Deep Fried Mini Cheese Cakes:
1-Plain, 1-strawberry, 1-Chocolate (*Nut) Turtle
Seasonal Italian Christmas Cookies
New York Style Ricotta Cheese ZEPPOLE!